All we know about Artifact for now (2018 updated)

Artifact is a Dota-themed collectible card game. Many Valve fans were not so happy about it, because they were waiting for something ending with “3”. Like Dota 3, HL3 or Portal 3. But nowdays CCG are very popular, and Valve is another one to try to take down Hearthstone. Or, at least, earn some money trying. Anyway, the game is going to be interesting, and card mechanics are uncommon. It’s like Hearthstone and Gwent hybid in the matter of fact.

So, here is official teaser which tells us not much:

Some intel about Valve Artifact

Artifact aims to recreate a game of Dota 2 in the form of a 1v1 card game. The International 2017 host Sean “Day9” Plott even explained that “anything you see in Dota, it’s here.”

During the reveal, Plott said “If you’ve played previous trading card games, it has a lot of similarities in terms of having creatures and spells that you cast onto the board.” That being said, it also sounds like Artifact is doing a lot differently.

You control five heroes, all based on the ones from Dota, and deploy them on three different boards representing the lanes of the map. Heroes have abilities that they can use similar to those in Dota 2, and will be able move from lane to lane.

Every turn, creeps spawn in each lane just like Dota. Killing enemy heroes and creeps gets you gold, which you can spend to buy “item cards” and then equip them to your heroes. Certain cards also have persistent effects on the lanes themselves.

We really don’t know much more than that. The specifics of these systems, deck building, hero picking, etc. are still a mystery.

And here is some extra facts:

  • Developer Steve Jaros said on Twitter that there will be “Lore bombs galore,” indicating that Dota’s story or world-building would have some role to play in Artifact. You could maybe stretch that into guessing there will be some kind of single-player component, but it could also just be referring to flavor text or something less significant.
  • Brad Muir, a well-known designer from Double Fine who left in 2015 to join Valve, said on Twitter that he’s been working on Artifact “for a while now,” so we can probably guess that it’s been in development for at least a year or two.
  • Plott said that, although they weren’t showing gameplay at the event, he did have the opportunity to play Artifact, giving us some vague idea about the state it’s in. He described the experience, saying “You really feel like the commander who is allocating all their various resources among this entire huge battlefield, moving from lane to lane.”
  • The use of the term “trading card game” is interesting, as most digital card games don’t have trading and refer to themselves as “collectable card games” instead. It’s not a stretch to imagine Valve will be taking advantage of its own Steam Marketplace, as it’s done with all its games, and make card trading a feature of Artifact.

Artifact release date

Official source says that it’s gong to be late 2018. But Valve is known for it’s delays, so if we’ll se even public beta in 2018 it’ll be nice.

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